Welcome to our Artists Page

We present the work of these regionally and nationally significant artists...

Robert Amos Gordon Hutchens Walter J. Phillips
Maxwell Bates (Limners) Leroy Jensen Molly Privett
Pat Martin Bates (Limners) Elizabeth Kerfoot Carole Sabiston (Limners)
Richard Ciccimarra (Limners) Flemming Jorgensen Harry Schafer
Estelle Curwen I.H.Kerr Phyllis Serota
Walter Dexter (Limners) Alex Lavdovsky (Limners) Jack Shadbolt
Bob deCastro (Limners) Miles Lowry Herbert Siebner (Limners)
Sandra Dolph Marmaduke Matthews Robin Skelton (Limners)
Stuart Duncan Gretchen Markle Sylvia Skelton (Limners)
Ken Faulks Elza Mayhew (Limners) Karl Spreitz (Limners)
Dorothy Field Ken McCulloch Tobias Tomlinson
Nita Forrest (Limners) Michael Morris Lionel Thomas
Len Gibbs Wayne Ngan Ina Uhthoff
Jim Gordaneer Gary Lee Nova Linny D. Vine
Colin Graham (Limners) Tony Onley Jack Wilkinson (Limners)
Helga Grove (Limners) Myfanwy Pavelic (Limners) Jack Wise
Jan Grove (Limners) Margaret Peterson  


Mercurio is always interested in acquiring works by any of these artists, as well as Inuit prints and sculpture.